NJ Metal Roofing Green Living

NJ Metal Roofing Green Living

Metal Roofing & Living Green

Metal roofing is one of the best roofing option for today’s environmentally conscious consumer. Metal roofing systems are built from metal, which is a lightweight, flexible, strong and reliable building material.

Why Metal is a Green Option?

Metal roofs are long lasting, durable and energy-efficient, aside from other benefits. Also, you can purchase metal roofs made from recycled materials. A metal roof is recyclable again when you tear it off.

Choosing a greener roofing material, such as metal, almost always translates into lower energy bills down the road. Here is what you should know about metal roofing as the greenest roofing option available today.

  • Metal roofing is known as a “cool” roofing material because it transmits far less heat from the sun down into your attic than other materials such as asphalt shingle roofing.
  • Color matters so for a cooler home and lower energy bills select a light colored roofing. Such roofing will reflect, rather then absorb, heat from the sun resulting in cooler home and reduced cooling bills. Galvanized finish is ideal.
  • Radiant heat barriers (tin foil) can reduce radiant heat transfer into your attic and so it should be install ad to the underside of the roof.
  • If you ever decided to install solar panels on your roof, standing seam metal roofing can be easily integrated with thin-film PV laminate solar panels.
  • Only purchase lead-free metal roofing as even small amounts of lead can lead to mental and physical impairment, kidney damage and high-blood pressure.
  • A poorly installed roof can leak moisture into your attic, which can lead to water damage, rot, and mold growth; the last of which has been proven to contribute to a number of serious health issues. Hire a professional roofer who knows the ins and outs of working with metal roofs.

Metal Roofing Facts

  • Long lasting
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Made with up to 70% of post consumer content
  • Can be recycled again and again
  • Sustainable Building Material
  • Reduces Heat Gain
  • Offers reliable protection
  • Light Weight
  • Can be integrated with solar roofing panels
  • Considered to be a green roofing system
  • Economical over long term cost breakdown

A homeowner does not have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in order to do the right thing from an environmental standpoint. Today’s metal roofing systems complement virtually every type of architecture and design.

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