NJ Commercial Metal Roofing 

NJ  Commercial Metal Roofing Guide

Why a Metal Roof for Your Business?

LGC uses great quality  commercial metal roof and wall panels. without giving up building appearance or longevity. Check out our gallery to see some of our commercial metal roofing clients..

Which buildings use metal roofs?

Our NJ commercial metal roofing company has worked on a number of  buildings, including  offices, shops, storefronts, schools, and many other businesses

Are NJ commercial metal roofs noisy?

Generally, the noise level  one hears during a rain storm on typical shingles is akin to the noise one hears with a metal roof. The reason for this is that our commercial roofs are generally installed over materials like plywood, felt or even the existing previous roof.


Commercial metal roofing in NJ can save up to forty per on energy costs.  Our products help to reduce the solar heat load of commercial properties, thereby reducing energy expenditures for cooling. That’s why our NJ commercial metal roofs are a great investment for any business. Metal roofing materials are significantly more durable than other commercial roofing options. Monthly energy costs, maintenance costs, and resale value are all things to keep in mind when replacing a roof. When considering the many benefits, it makes sense to replace an old roof with our commercial metal roofing materials. 

We have been customizing metal roofing for several decades . No matter how simple or complex the project is, we are confident we can get the job done. 

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